6 Kedron Ave.(route 420)
Morton, PA 19070
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Information About Porreca Auto Body -
To the Insurance Trade.

This information is provided for the insurance trade industry.

Many insurance companies have recognized Porreca Auto Body as a "Class A" facility that is fully capable of handling claims directly. In most cases we can repair a vehicle without waiting for an appraiser from the insured's company. This speeds the whole process of repair. We have direct relationships with many insurance companies.

Our staff is manned by eight collision specialists who are expertly trained to recognize the problems and finalize the repairs to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We have been servicing clients since 1977 and guarantee our work with confidence.

Our facility is devoted exclusively to the body shop business, which includes professionally trained mechanics. We have the latest, most high tech equipment available; the right procedures; and most importantly we do everything possible to make it easy for your customers to do business with us.

Our reception area is clean, comfortable, relaxing, and professional looking. Our company policy dictates commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

The following information contains details concerning the property and is hereby submitted for your review.

Our body shop is approximately 11,000 square feet, which is complimented by a separate, spacious reception area of 1300 square feet.

We have two licensed appraisers on the premises.

We are fully trained on and equipped with the ADP Shoplink/Shoplink with Windows, CCC and Pathways estimating systems, which includes photo images.

Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 8am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am to noon.

We are equipped with two Garmat and one SAIMA downdraft booths; two Dataliner drive on frame machines; one Dataliner bench; a Hunter four wheel alignment machine. We also have four lifts; four mig-welders; an A/C machine; Harane spot welder; a Spies Hecker computerized mixing machine.

Our facility is located on Route 420 (a major artery), which is easily accessible by automobile or public transportation to Philadelphia and suburban business districts.

The building is a modern, newly renovated facility with ample A/C, heat and its own entrances and exits away from the body shop portion.

Porreca Auto Body is an I-Car Gold facility.

We also use the Autochex CSI rating as a follow up service to our customers. Our customer service and quality rating is 9.8 compared to the industry average of 9.2. We are in the top 3% of all shops nationwide.

We have an extensive customer base and feel that by combining your insured with our program, we could create a scenario that would be advantageous to all involved.

If you would like to make arrangements to view the property and/or the location, please do not hesitate to contact us.


I appreciate the fact that you made a very difficult situation a lot easier to handle. 
~ Judy P.


You people bring back the words “Customer Service”.
~ Kathryn D.


The quality of the work performed and the service support of your staff was no less than outstanding.
~ Lara D., Select Imports